Headcanon: Gible is a serious mouth breather, and drools a lot.  Garchomp occasionally reverts back to this when it smells food, gets excited, or spaces out and forgets its a badass shark dragon plane. 



7. Your muse walks in on mine in the shower


Didn’t expect you to take a shower this late at night, but come on in! There’s plenty of room! :D

[[ in which lusin is a shameless derp and I had to take a crappy cellpic of this since its late and i cant have my light on OTL ]]



I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-31 to see how your muse interrupts mine! Mixture of safe & nsfw.

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Pyros and heatmors



Looks like she ‘ad one o’ those dreams again…

*his brow knits in concern*

's been a long while since the last one. Hm..


The Young Pisces

A jarring force snapped the young woman from her dreams.

Fingers trembled, tail lay motionless on the smooth stone flooring, her antennae lay flat and down among her hair as Miata blinked her stinging eyes in the darkness of her bedroom. The floor was cold and hard against her bare arms and legs; she’d fallen out of bed.

Her eyes still glassy and moist with fear and the residual emotions left in the wake of her nightmare, she sat up and rose shakily to her feet. The temperature in her room was comfortably warm, and yet… she felt so chilled, right through to her very bones.

She sighed softly, —or was it more of a sob?— her arms wrapping around herself in an effort to dispel the chill in her body. It had started out being the same dream that had plagued her for years, but this time… this time, somehow it had been vastly different as it progressed into ever more horrifying territory.

She felt a profound ache in her chest; it radiated to her joints and felt like it was restrictive, as if slowly suffocating her. Such was the power of the emotions that the nightmare had brought up. It seemed her worries over recent events had filtered into her subconscious.


A warm, clear droplet broke apart as it landed on her crossed arms, then another, and another. A soft sniff soon followed the falling tears, as she was unable to stop their flow now. No, not when the visions that savagely besieged her sleeping mind could be reality in some far off place she could not go. And even if she could, what good would that do? It wouldn’t stop what might come to pass… no. 


This wasn’t real. This was false. All of these dreams… they were always falsehoods. Every dream where she would be pierced and impaled by frozen spears of ice and rime and crystalline corruption; every vision of the desolate cold closing over her head, filling her mouth and lungs and choking he life out of her from within… and now, this vision of dust and color and blinding force and deafening noise, metal and fire and poisons in the air and mud running red as the ground drank greedily of the dead falling upon it…

…all was false. Mason had told her the cold wasn’t real. Arken had told her the ice wasn’t there. Even Sebastian had told her the water had not swallowed her up…

Miata climbed slowly back into bed, burying herself under the covers up to her nose as she curled into a fetal position, drawing her limbs close as she hugged a pillow, as if trying to shield herself from some encroaching unseen force that carried her nightmares with it. 

She didn’t care if the pillow she rested her head on would soon grow damp with tears.

It had been just a dream, after all… hadn’t it?

Merely a bad dream…






Sandstorm Rhapsody by =LohiAxel

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